Around the age of six, the child undergoes a transformation, one characterized by a social and moral awareness and a reassuring imaginative mind.  there is an urge to be intellectually independent.  The Montessori Elementary program is designed to meet these needs of the child.

The Elementary program develops unique sensitive individuals.  After the Primary level the children are ready for abstract thought which leads to mastering abstract concepts.

The environment is thoughtfully and beautifully prepared to invite and give support and independent learning to the child.  There is a certain amount of Montessori apparatus from the Primary level that is being carried over to make a gradual and comfortable transition to the Elementary level with easy, plus expand the mind and make discoveries in using this material in advanced variations.

Students work in an environment that is conducive to learning courtesy, tolerance and respect for others.  They are taught to make decisions, use their time wisely and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  These are the skills needed throughout their lives.  They have a strong drive to be social; so they work collaboratively and cooperatively in small and large groups depending on the activity.

Elementary students are taught to express themselves and to self-teach by researching.  Through research they are able to share information and knowledge with each other.

The Elementary environment is non-competitive and fosters a love of learning and allows the child’s natural curiosity to lead the way.  Meaningful learning happens when children are inspired by a lesson and begin to explore the subject and work on their own.

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