“We had our oldest go to Ventura Montessori School and it was such a wonderful enriching experience. As soon as our youngest was ready, we signed him up. From the subject matter and daily activities to the personal care and attention from each instructor, Ventura Montessori School is the best in the county.”

The Armstrong Family

“Both of our sons are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community.  The learning environment fosters self-directed learning and exploration.  I have seen my sons become more independent in so many everyday life skills such as tying their shoes, pouring their own glass of water, cleaning up after themselves and hanging up their jackets. Ventura Montessori focuses on making sure the children know how to properly hold their pencils, properly sound out their words, and comprehension in both early reading and early Math.   My husband and I are confident that our children will be able to navigate their way through their school years and life as an adult because of great educational foundations from Ventura Montessori School.”

The Johnson Family

“The outstanding staff and parents at Ventura Montessori School work together to create a community of nurturing, compassion, kindness, respect, and acceptance that is unparalleled in most school environments, and those qualities inherently trickle down to the children, creating an ideal environment for learning and growth. We could not be happier with the growth, both academic and social, that our son has made, in leaps and bounds, since he began his attendance at VMS.”

Layla Perez

“Ventura Montessori is a calm and supportive environment where our child flourished. We could not have asked for a better experience. The school is truly diverse, the teachers are amazing, and they provide a wide variety of educational experiences.”

Janice Van Slimming

“VMS is a wonderful environment for children. The staff are professional and kind. The learning process opens young minds and encourages growth both academically and socially. We are thankful we had the opportunity to have children at VMS. We believe VMS is one of the top reasons our children have flourished at their current school. ”

Michelle P.

“My daughter attended VMS during the school years 2010-11 and 2011-12. She now attendes Ventura Missionary School. Our experience in Ventura Montessori School was very positive. The teachers are wonderful with the children…very kind and caring. My regret is that I wish I had started her at age 4 (one year sooner than we did). ”

Stephanie B.

“My oldest child was in a play-based preschool before we found VMS. I was amazed at the difference when I visited VMS for the first time. The children were focused on their work and respectful to each other. I saw this calm, respectful environment each day of the four years my children attended VMS.

The VMS teachers are warm and caring, yet gently challenged my children academically. Each of my children now has a firm foundation in math, reading, writing, and science. The teachers encouraged hard work and repetition, while fostering intellectual curiosity.

The mixed-aged classrooms gave my children the opportunity to learn from and teach other children. Their interactions in the family mirrored the openness and helpfulness in the classroom. They were willing to listen to and take care of each other. I had encouraged this in our family and it was reinforced in class.”

Audrey T.

From Ventura Montessori Alumni

“I have some very distant but fond memories of being at Ventura Montessori. My most vivid one is of how much I respected Mrs. VJ. I remember the school and the yard as a magical place where I played with friends and participated in many interesting a fun projects. Today my niece attends the same Montessori and loves it just as much.”

Tyson M.