Five-Day Preschool and Kindergarten Programs

At Ventura Montessori School all our policies are child centered, and we only offer a five-day schedule because we believe a five-day program provides the consistency children (even very young children) need.

Children love to learn by exploring and deeply concentrating on their chosen activities. When learning a new activity, children typically return to the same materials day after day until they master them. By not breaking up the child’s natural learning process we help them develop increased attention span and executive function. Thus we believe a five-day program is in the best interest of your young child.

Beginning school can be a stressful time for children, and parents often seek a two or three day program, believing this will ease their child into the school environment without overwhelming them. At Ventura Montessori School we avoid overwhelming children by providing a consistent, calm, and orderly environment. Our Primary teachers are sensitive to the challenges that beginning school poses to the child, as well as the parents. Your child's teacher will work with your family to ease the transition.

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