Dedicated teachers are the greatest asset any school can have, and Ventura Montessori School’s teachers bring unprecedented levels of experience and dedication. The Montessori teacher is a collaborator with each child, presenting new ideas for investigation, as well as encouraging that child’s individual interests. At Ventura Montessori School our teachers act as guides for the children, introducing them to materials and activities according to each child’s personal needs.

Indranee Wijesekera

School Directeress, Primary Teacher

Known to her students as “Mrs. VJ”, IndraneeWijesekera has served as the Directress and Head Teacher at Ventura Montessori since the school opened forty-four years ago. She is trained in the highest quality of Montessori pedagogy through Dr. Montessori’s own organization, Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). She received her AMI Diploma in Sri Lanka at Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre, where she interned under teachers trained directly by Dr. Maria Montessori. 

As Directress of Ventura Montessori, Mrs. VJ has developed and upheld a curriculum that adheres to the original guidelines of AMI. She is a beloved role model at the school and her passion for teaching children shines through each day in the classroom. In addition to her Montessori teaching credentials, Mrs. VJ earned music teaching degrees from Licenciate Royal School of Music, London.

When she is not teaching in the Primary classroom or at the piano, Mrs. VJ enjoys spending time with her three children (VMS alumni) and grandchildren.  

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Melody Raguini-Olosan 

Assistant Directress, Pre-Primary Teacher

Mrs. Olosan began at Ventura Montessori in 2003 as an assistant teacher in the Primary classroom. Mrs. Olosan has a BA in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University, Northridge. After working alongside Mrs. VJ for almost a decade, Mrs. Olosan took a year off to earn her Association Montessori Internationale diploma. She returned to Ventura Montessori in 2012 as Assistant Directress.

Mrs. Olosan works with Ventura Montessori’s oldest children, facilitating each child’s personal journey of discovery and engagement with the world around them.


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Amy Freehauf 

Assistant Teacher, Primary Classroom 

Miss Amy has been assisting Mrs. Brunger in the Pre-Primary classroom since 2010. Miss Amy has a degree in Early Childhood Development, a State Teacher’s permit, and certificates in Family Services Work. She smiles easily, and the children connect with her emotionally, trusting that she will deal with them lovingly and patiently.


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