Challenging, Nurturing and Fun


Many parents think of preschool as a place where children learn their alphabet, color, sing songs, and learn to be part of a group. At Ventura Montessori School, we understand that a child’s early years have potential to be so much more. Serving children ages 2½ through 12, we focus on helping children understand who they are, preparing them for what’s next in life.

Highly trained Montessori teachers, specific age-appropriate Montessori materials, and a consistent and supportive learning environment will help your child make the most of this important time of childhood.

Ventura Montessori School opened its doors in 1969.  We started out as a small school, founded by a group of parents who sought an alternative to mainstream education. For more than forty years, our school has offered hundreds of families a rich curriculum that adheres to the principles set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori.

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